Hi there!

I am a professional mechanical engineer and data mining and optimization enthusiast.  In this blog, I challenge myself to post on machine learning, data mining, artificial intelligence, business intelligence, analytics, big data, operation research, optimization, etc. at least once a week…so I shall try.

I have extensive experience in building HVAC design, building controls (HVAC & lighting), asset scheduling, risk management, building codes and electricity markets. About two years ago, I was challenged to come up with a load forecast model for my company.  I knew how buildings worked but was not clear how to use data to find a relationship outside of white box (physical) models.  Thus, I embarked into a journey to explore data, and fell in love with the process. We collect billions of data today, and a lot of knowledge can be derived out of them. I am excited to be part of the journey of fellow data enthusiasts!

If you wonder why “pinkintello”, the reason is quite simple: “intello” is a French slang for “intellectual” or a wanna be geek. “Pink” is the color pink, which I do not like by the way, but due to my height, many people are confused and would rather I devote my time to a modeling agency. Unfortunately, while I appreciate the compliments, runaway shows scare me more than differential equations and objective functions  😉


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